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Chantelle van Heerden
Chantelle van HeerdenUpdated 4 months ago

A free Flash Player for Windows

Ruffle is a free Flash Player emulator software designed for all modern operating systems, including Windows. The software has been written in the Rust language and can play Flash content without any issues. Once installed on your PC, Ruffle will also work on all popular web browsers through WebAssembly use. 

Ruffle is popular because it can automatically detect all types of Flash content and then display it accurately on your screen. This ensures that you’re able to open websites and play games while enjoying a smooth experience. Additionally, the open-source emulator continues to get updated regularly and gives competition to other alternatives like Flashpoint Ultimate, Shubus Viewer, and Binary Viewer

What is Ruffle?

Ruffle is a free and open-source emulator application that lets you play Flash content without any hassle. It has been developed and written in the programming language Rust and supports files with the SWF extension. The desktop application of Rust opens all Flash content on your PC. It also has a browser extension option for opening Flash content on websites. 

What is the purpose of Ruffle?

Adobe Flash Player was recently discontinued, thereby leaving a void wherein Flash-based games and content on the web couldn’t load as they should. The improved HTML5 standard didn’t make things any easier. Ruffle, like other Flash-player emulators, was designed to convert Flash-related multimedia content to HTML5.  

While the new standard is HTML5, there are still a lot of games and media files that require a Flash player to run smoothly. Ruffle provides this service by supporting both online and offline content and delivering results.

Ruffle is available as a desktop application, as well as a browser extension. This means that it covers all bases when content is concurrent. It detects all Flash content and automatically converts and displays it in the Ruffle Player. However, users should note that the application is still in the works and doesn’t always convert all content

How do I install and use Ruffle?

Once you complete the Ruffle download, you will be able to install it on your Windows computer with just a few steps. First, right-click on the file and choose the Extract All option. Next, double click on the execution file, marked with EXE extension. As soon as you do that, you can select any SWF extension file that you wish to play.

However, before you install the Ruffle emulator on your Windows PC, you will have to ensure that you have deleted Adobe Flash Player from your PC. In case you don’t, the Ruffle app for PC may not work as it should. Once the application is installed, you can also download its web browser extension to ensure that Flash content loads both offline and online. 

In addition to opening .SWF files on your Windows computer without any hassle, it also lets you run different commands and update the settings. You can easily refer to the website of Ruffle to gain access to in-depth guides created by the community of users who have worked on the program and used Ruffle before you. 

What are the features of Ruffle?

One of the best things about Ruffle is that it offers far better security and memory management than the popular Flash Player by Adobe. While still under development, the open-source emulator automatically detects Flash content and converts it so that there’s no break in the viewing process, whether you’re scrolling through a website or playing a game. 

Is the Ruffle app safe to download?

Ruffle is a safe application that you can download on your Windows computer. In fact, a lot of people have given positive reviews to the app and consider it a more secure option than Adobe Flash Player, which had several security issues. The application is also easy-to-use and offers advanced memory management options. Additionally, it doesn’t require any additional configurations. 

Should I download the Ruffle app?

If you’re looking for a secure and powerful Flash Player, then download Ruffle. It’s an open-source emulator that automatically detects and plays Flash content without any hassle. The latest version of the software is also highly-secure and offers enhanced memory management. Additionally, it is also available as a browser extension and works to convert Flash content into the new HTML5 standard. 


  • Free to download and use
  • Automatically detects Flash content
  • Great substitute for Adobe Flash Player
  • Offers better security and memory management


  • Only works on limited Flash content
  • Application is still being developed

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Ruffle for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2021.11.16
  • 4.1

  • Security Status

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